Wow! What a difference one lesson made. I was able to hit it higher, straighter, and with a slight draw!!

     After golfing for 20 years with no lesson, my bad habits were not cured. But, it sure feels great to hit a

     ball without slicing it to the right. With practice and trusting my new swing, I know I'll shoot lower scores

     and have more fun. Thanks for the new swing, Kris!

                                                                                 --Dan Parrott--

                                                                                  Tri-City Electric


                    Due to family commitments and a heavy travel schedule, I gave up golf in 1991 and didn't play

                    again until 2007. When I was able to take up the sport again, I began with a practice and lesson

                    regimen with the ultimate goal of reaching a scratch handicap and playing in amateur golf

                    competitions. I knew that in order to achieve my goal I would need the help of a teaching

                    professional. Kris  Olsen has been central in teaching me a mechanically sound golf swing. She's

                    has helped me understand my golf swing, allowing me to focus my practice on the repetitive

                    muscle memorization of a correct golf swing for my physique.

                         I highly recommend Kris. As an LPGA teaching pro, her insight and professionalism are

                    outstanding. I have been involved in corporate training with major corporations for the last

                    15 years and recognize the difference between those that "do" and those that are able to teach.

                    Teaching is a separate skill set and Kris is a very accomplished teacher. Her LPGA credentials, golf

                    accomplishments, professionalism and teaching ability put her in a class that can truly be called

                    Teaching Professional.

                                                                               Nathan Steele, President

                                                                               Strategic Clarity, Inc.






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